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One of the several ways our teachers communicate with parents is through their blogs. Teacher blogs are a window into the classroom, a fly-on-the-wall view of what is happening in your child's life. They use pictures, text and sometimes video to bring your child's experience alive to you. Each one is unique, like the teachers who have created them.

Joanna's Head of School blog

Val's kindergarten blog

Elaine's 1st/2nd blog

Susan's 1st/2nd blog

Chris's 3rd/4th blog

Spencer's 3rd/4th blog

Jason's 5th/6th blog

Sam's 5th/6th blog

Karl's 7th/8th blog

Lisa's Science blog

Imogen's French and Latin blog

Shiyu's Mandarin blog

Tracy's elementary school art blog

Monica's middle school art blog

Rachel's SK library blog

Josh's music blog



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