Our Philosophy

Summers-Knoll is dedicated to providing an academically stimulating environment in which intellectually curious children can learn in an engaging, inspiring atmosphere. This is an active environment; students absorb concepts rapidly and advance their skills in adventurous ways. Gifted students thrive here, as do creative thinkers and rapid learners. We believe children should be offered creative opportunities to understand that learning doesn’t have to have boundaries, and to experience learning as exciting, joyful for its own sake.

At Summers-Knoll, we believe the greatest educational tool available is a child’s natural curiosity. We take learning away from the medium of worksheets and place children in contexts that ignite their collective curiosity — in and out of the classroom. The result: children who don’t lose interest in their education but gain momentum as each new discovery and skill mastered spurs them on to higher levels of learning. By nurturing the internal motivation of each student, the process of skill acquisition and learning is joined to the inquisitive mind of the child. When learning is active, it becomes a cycle of exploration, concept development, analysis and reflection that leads to further inspiration and exploration. And when learning is truly collaborative and shared in a community, each child’s curiosity helps stir the imaginations of her classmates.

As a school grounded in the progressive tradition, we are hands-on, experiential and dedicated to a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and personal growth. We believe education is about continually developing ourselves to our highest capability. Our goal is not only to prepare our students for the next educational step; it’s to support them as fully realized human beings, with the resources to live richly and mindfully, to embrace intellectual curiosity as a way of life, to be open to opportunity and exploration. It’s to start them on a confident, skillful path with strong intentions and the will to do good.