Our admissions process is designed to deepen a parent’s understanding of Summers-Knoll School (SK), our mission, our values and our community. It also allows our faculty to get to know your child and your family.

Our overarching goal is to build a diverse and dynamic groups of learners who are intellectually curious and will thrive in an environment that is intellectually challenging, innovative, thoughtful, intentional and connected. At SK, every child here is truly known, allowing them to be empowered and engaged in our vibrant community.

Here are the individual steps for applying to Summers-Knoll.

1. Request a Tour The first step in the application process is to a schedule a tour, which can be done by filling out a contact form: SK Contact Form. The Director of Operations, Karen Bayoneto, will be in touch once the form is received.

2. Complete an Application Our application is designed for you to confer why you believe SK is the right school for your child and family. It is completed and submitted online. To access our application portal, please click here: SK Application.

3. Submit a Teacher Questionnaire The Teacher Questionnaire allows your child’s current teacher to highlight her or his educational experience. The form is submitted to the teacher, who will complete and return it to admissions@summers-knoll. There is also an option to have the Teacher Questionnaire sent electronically to your teacher when you complete the application, or you may download the form here: SK Teacher Questionnaire.

4. Set up a Classroom Visit/Meet with the Head of School Once we have received your application and IQ test, you will be contacted to set up a classroom visit for your child. During this visit, your child will participate in classroom activities and become acquainted with our faculty, who will assess his or her academic and social characteristics. Parents meet with the Head of School for the first hour of the classroom visit.

· For entrance to Kindergarten or 1st grade, your child will visit for a half-day (8:45 – 11:30 am)
· Students applying for 2nd grade visit for one full day (8:45 am – 3:30 pm)
· Students applying for grades 3-8 visit two consecutive days (8:45 am – 3:30 pm each day)

A $60 application fee is submitted on the day of your child’s visit, along with the visit form. To download a copy of the visit form, please click here: SK Classroom Visit Form.

5. Financial Aid Application Over 30% of our families receive financial aid – more than any other independent school in the area. We are deeply committed to culling a truly diverse body of learners from our applicants. The financial aid application is completed at the same time as the application, allowing you to be informed of your child’s admission status and financial aid award simultaneously. Like most independent schools in the area, SK uses  the FAST system for assessment of aid awards. To access the FAST system, please click here: SK FA Application Portal.

Once all documentation and steps are complete, the application is ready for review by the Admissions Committee. Summers-Knoll is currently operating in a rolling admissions process.

Once reviewed, a status letter is sent to your family. If your child has met all of the criteria for admissions, but there is no opening, he or she will be placed in a waiting pool for that school year at your request. If your child is not admitted during the school year for which he or she initially applied, you are welcome to reapply the following year.​

In looking for a school, there are a host of variables to consider, and we want to make sure we have answered all of your questions.

If not, feel free to contact Karen Bayoneto, Director of Operations, at