Elementary School

Summers-Knoll elementary school nurtures the natural curiosity of children in grades k-4. Children learn in small classrooms as they explore bi-monthly themes and exploration blocks as part of a caring and supportive learning community. Children are encouraged to develop and explore their own unique questions and share what they find with one another. Each child’s interests are affirmed, and each child’s learning is further enriched by the pursuits of their classmates.

Every two months, new themes are introduced — for two months the theme might be Leonardo da Vinci, then next North Africa. Each theme is approached through interdisciplinary learning, with concepts being explored through a curriculum that bridges our areas of study. North Africa isn’t just isolated into a world geography lesson; its music, art, history, culture, climate, science, and economy all become unified in a deep, meaningful, and interconnected exploration.

Students engage learning through play, research, collaboration and personal exploration — both in the classroom and through frequent excursions into nature and our community’s vast cultural resources. The Summers-Knoll approach is consistent across grade levels, with curriculum carefully crafted to match each grade level while ultimately tailored to each student’s individual needs.