Extracurricular Opportunities

Morning Care and After Care

Our goal for Morning and After Care programming is to create a space where children can wake up and prepare for a great day at school, or wind down with fun activities, reading, playing with friends and enjoying a snack before returning home. Some children like to be busy in Morning and After Care, some like to relax and socialize. We will offer a variety of options for children to choose from on a daily basis.

Morning Care and After Care will be offered on a drop-in basis. At present, you do not need to sign up for Morning or After Care. Any children arriving on campus before 8:30a or remaining on campus after 3:45p without parental supervision will be enrolled in Morning and After Care*.

*Important note: When you arrive on campus to pick up your child in After Care, please sign out immediately, even if you are going to linger to let your child wrap up, get his/her things, etc. This ensures you are billed for the least amount of time.

Morning Care will be offered from 7:30a-8:30a, Monday-Friday

-Children who are not in morning care may not arrive before 8:30a.

-Siblings of children who are attending a morning club (e.g. band or choir) can attend morning care at no charge.


Morning Care Daily Rate: $6.00

After Care will be offered 3:45p-6:00p, Monday-Friday

-Children who are not in After Care may not be on campus without a parent after 3:45p.

-Unlike morning care, siblings of children who are attending an after-school club will be charged for after-care.


After Care Daily Rates: (rates in 30 minute increments per child)

up to 30 minutes = $6.00

up to 60 minutes = $9.00

up to 90 minutes = $11.00

up to 120 minutes = $13.00

up to 135 minutes = $15.00

We are excited about our robust selection of extended learning options. We have a variety of clubs and workshops designed to enhance and enrich students’ learning experiences across age groups. Our goal is to develop a repertoire of clubs that meet the interests of our student community. Our 2015-2016 club offerings will be available for registration in early September. After school clubs will begin in October 2015.