Life After Summers-Knoll

Life after Summers-Knoll

After Summers-Knoll, what’s next?

“Summers-Knoll was the start of my adventures. I have always loved to learn but it was at Summers-Knoll that my potential was taught to me. There exist limitless boundaries at SK. That is what is so special. It is an environment of support, love, encouragement, while still promoting academic prosperity. Summers-Knoll prepared me for Greenhills. The internships, scholarships, and incredible opportunities I have had never would have come about if I hadn’t found myself and pushed myself and I was able to do that after going to SK.

It is a truly special place. A place that is unlike most, and when you find places like SK you have to hold on to them. I am so proud to be an alumni from SK. And hope that others have the opportunity to attend and gain what I did from spending time on campus with the special people who make SK, SK!”

—Annemarie Opipari

There is no single or, even typical, path that students take upon graduating from Summers-Knoll. What distinguishes our graduates isn’t where they go, but how they adapt to and thrive in their new environments. Our students go where their interests and ambitions take them and excel as flexible, engaged learners and confident, caring individuals.

Often incoming parents will ask us about the experiences students have after Summers-Knoll. Some students head out-of-state to institutions like the Lab School of Chicago and participate in programs like the Davidson Institute Young Scholars program. Others remain in the area and take advantage of our area’s great range of independent and state-funded schools. Our students are budding journalists, mathematicians, engineer/film makers, and computer programmers. They study at area high schools and take advanced coursework at University of Michigan or attend middle college at WTMC or EMU.