wp_20160919_005Latin  The study of Latin supports children’s understanding of the English language as well as the structure of Romance languages such as Italian, French and Spanish. It develops the grasp of grammar and syntax and while providing a feeling for the beauty and power of words. Latin includes an introduction to ancient Greek, and makes reference to the work of Roman poets and historians as well as the civilization of ancient Rome. Our students are inspired by the traditions of the classical worlds of both Greece and Rome and encouraged to connect them to their own appreciation of language and literature.

In both elementary and middle school Latin classes, we look for the connections between Latin and English, using classical mythology and Roman history as our sources. Gradually our students are introduced to simple Latin sentences and to the principles of sentence structure and basic grammatical rules. This prepares them for the middle school program, which highlights a detailed understanlatin-1ding of declensions and conjugations to develop skills in translation. Parallel to this more intensive language study, students are offered the opportunity to create individual projects. This is accomplished using extracts from Latin literature, which we have translated and used to observe grammatical rules in action, as a springboard for the choice and planning of subject matter.