Our Philosophy

Nurturing lifelong learners.

Summers-Knoll (SK) is a PreK-8 school committed to empowering learners.

Using a unique teaching philosophy and personal attention, SK teaches students to collaborate in a community of learners, to develop essential mental flexibility, to define and strive for success and to use their skills to engage and improve the world.

Our classrooms include a maximum of 14 students per teacher. This commitment means that every teacher develops an in-depth knowledge of each and every student’s intellectual interests, personal passions and individual learning styles. It also means that every classroom is a small community that works to tackle lessons and problems together.


A foundation to grow with

The Summers-Knoll curriculum is based on a foundation featuring strong core principles of project-based, place-based, and theme-based learning. This foundation allows students to develop academic skills, solve real-world problems, and adapt to increasing abilities and new interests.

For over two decades, we’ve successfully combined pedagogical flexibility, community engagement and academic rigor to create an inspiring and empowering place for students. Our students, past and present, are agile thinkers, problem solvers and engaged community members. 

The best way to understand the philosophy of Summers-Knoll is to see it in action. We invite you to arrange a tour.

Experience the world

Summers-Knoll students learn through rich experiences in our community and beyond. Field trips are not rare occasions, but central to each child’s learning.

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