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Myths and stories add life to our understanding of global cultures, the seasons, and how the universe thrums and hums and spins. Rajasthani trickster tales infuse art projects and Arachne, Pandora and King Midas segue into global stories retold by Gerald McDermott. Kindergarteners use Ovid's Metamorphoses as a vehicle for Latin vocabulary (flos/flower, arbor/tree, ver/Spring) while Middle Schoolers translate Fabulae Aesopi and delve into the Chinese Zodiac. Third and fourths spin off ancient myths relating to constellations and planet names in different cultures (Greek, Native American) to exploring the science of space and visiting planetaria at the UM Natural History Museum and Michigan Science Center. Math classes have joined in, reading parts of the "Number Devil" as well as touching on some of the math/science quasi-mythical stories: Gauss summing the first 100 whole numbers, Archimedes in the bath tub. While the younger students take on learning about the myths, the older students spend time talking about the nature of myths: Why do they endure? What is their function in society (ours and other's)?, and reading (and retelling with wildly varying results) creation myths, myths with morals and folktales, including Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.


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