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The theme of Reflections is an important one for our students to explore in May and June. This time represents both digging into new content and revisiting and reflecting on the year overall. Our 7/8 spring trip conquered four sea voyages on four different vessels on three different Great Lakes This exploration harkens back to the first theme of the year, Explorers of the World, and builds on the fantastic production of The Odyssey.  

Our younger students are busy preparing for Reflections Night, our annual art and music event, with songs and plays and recitations. They have created their own costuming and written their own songs. The art is breathtaking and fills the school with color. The children are alive with the excitement of performance.

It’s been a fantastic year, well documented in the legacy projects created by the 7/8s:

Saul’s work crews
Lily’s yearbook
Jonathan’s Culture Day
Ryan’s book exchange
Denali’s mural

June is also is a time to say goodbye to friends and appreciate the gift of our community. Each year, our Head of School, Joanna, writes poems about each of the 8th grade graduates and honors the 4th grade transition to middle school at our graduation ceremony. The 7th graders are painting watercolors that will be made into diplomas, so that each graduate’s diploma is a unique work of art—an idea stolen from the Putney School in Vermont—which is also a nod to the uniqueness of each of the graduates. It's a time for new beginnings and transition, like Janus facing forward and back, where we recall and reflect a year dear to our hearts and anticipate and plan the next explorations to come.



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